Benefits of Recycling and Repurposing Your Christmas Tree

Christmas tree

A real Christmas tree can add magic to the holiday season.

Christmas Tree’s have a distinctive aroma of pine that makes the environment fresh. The branches sparkling with lights add a glow to the ambiance. 

Do you find it hard to say goodbye to your Christmas tree after the holiday season is over? Fortunately, you don’t need to dispose of your tree. 

According to the National Christmas Tree Association, there are nearly 350,000 acres in production to grow Christmas trees on US farms. The typical lifespan of a tree is about 12 years. It gives so many benefits, generally including absorbing carbon dioxide, emitting fresh oxygen, protecting water supplies, stabilizing soil, and providing protection for wildlife.

When authorities cut down Christmas trees, they plant one to three seedlings in their place. When people purchase and use the tree and recycle, they are supporting local economies in this way. 

Recycled trees have several uses, such as you can convert them into mulch or using them for community playgrounds, parks, and homes. In addition, some trees may get added to the lakes and are helpful as a habitat for fish and underwater life. Moreover, it reduces the costly process of adding additional debris to landfills.

Read further to get ideas on how you can be eco-friendly and repurpose your Christmas tree.

Benefits of Recycling and Repurposing Christmas Tree

1. Helpful for Environment 

First thing first, real Christmas trees can help life by inhaling carbon dioxide and other gases and emitting fresh oxygen. Evergreen trees are helpful to ensure greenery and a fresh environment. It is beneficial to recycle a Christmas tree to minimize the environmental impact and landfills. Plus, recycling trees can start their new life cycle and prevent the damage caused by harvesting them.

2. Beneficial for Using as Mulch

Another way to recycle a Christmas tree is using it for mulch. You can do it by removing its branches, chipping, and using it as mulch in the garden. You can recycle them at home. Pine needles are helpful to use as moisturizing mulch, and you can also use shredded branches as ornamental mulch. As time passes, the mulch can provide the needed boost of nutrients to the soil.

3. Use at Hiking Trails

Another advantage is using shredded trees as renewable and natural path material. It can be helpful for hikers as well as the environment. For instance, these trees can work as support on damaged roads and provide a good boundary on the sides of the road.

4. Useful as Bird Feeder

Another option to repurpose Christmas trees is to use them as a bird feeder in the garden or backyard. When you decorate your trees with orange slices, it will attract the birds and allow them to sit in the branches for shelter. When tree branches become breakable within a year, you can break them with your hands or chip in a chipper. The tree is helpful for birds to sit on and feed. The tree can also provide shelter in the storm and heavy rain to birds.

5. Effective for Soil Erosion Barriers

In addition, Christmas trees are helpful for soil erosion barriers, and it is beneficial to put them in lakes and rivers. Shoreline stabilization and delta sedimentation management use it for this purpose.

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6. Use as Fish Feeders

Another effective way to repurpose your Christmas tree is by sinking them into private fish ponds. They can be beneficial for fish as an excellent refuge and feeding area.

7. Provide Fresh and Clean Home Air

You can repurpose your old Christmas trees into natural air freshener for your home. You need to pluck out the pine needles and add them to a bowl of potpourri (a mixture of dried petals and spices) to perfume your home with the smell of Christmas for the winter season. Bodies, you can use several crafty ideas like turning branches into wood coasters, candle holders, and other items.

8. Favorable Wood for Fuel

Interestingly, pinewood is best for outdoor fire pits. You can chop your old tree and use them as firewood. Even you can store it for the weather when it is more valuable. Keep in mind that experts suggest not to use wood in the indoor fireplace because it can make the environment extremely hot.

9. Protection for Plants

You can cut the branches and place them in your garden to protect your plants from harsh weather conditions like winter freezes and spring thaws. It can help you provide a steady temperature to plants in cold months. These branches are also useful as a garden edge.

10. Use Needles as Fresheners

If you find the needles of your trees still green, you can shred the tree and store the needles in paper bags or sachets and use them as fresheners. The needles will preserve their scent and freshen your home with the scent for a long time.

11. Make Wood Coasters

Another option to repurpose your Christmas tree is to use wood slices to make beautiful coasters. You don’t need to be a professional craftsman to cut the trunk professionally. You can cut the trunk into one-inch wood coasters. They look attractive and can protect your wood table. Make sure to let the tree dry completely before cutting and polish the coaster before you use it.

12. Christmas Tree Drop-off at Payne’s Recycling Facility

Recycled Christmas trees can be beneficial for the community in many ways. They can be helpful as mulch or advantageous as a habitat for fish in water. Payne’s Environmental Services makes it easy for you to drop off your Christmas Tree at our Recycling Facility conveniently located off of Causeway Blvd in Tampa FL.

Bottom Line

All in all, recycling and repurposing Christmas trees can bring several benefits, such as minimizing environmental impact. Even you can make great use of the old tree for many purposes. So, make use of your old Christmas tree by following the above ways to recycle them or just give us a call at 813-677-6822.

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