How to Choose a Tree Service Company

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It shouldn’t come as a surprise that no one wants to work with people who lack the necessary skills, training, and knowledge for tree servicing and removal. For smooth and efficient services, look for companies with a good track record and plenty of experience. Here are the main factors you should keep in mind when choosing a tree service company

Insurance and License

Check to see if the company you’re hiring has insured its employees. Then, make sure they have appropriate coverage to pay for damages. Many companies claim that they are insured but, upon request, never show proof of insurance. 

Ask right away whether the company provides insurance or not. If they claim to provide insurance, do not forget to ask for proof. That’s because if a company doesn’t offer insurance and their employees suffer from an injury while on your property, you’re solely responsible for paying their medical bills. 

Company Reputation

Company reputation is a key factor to consider when you plan to hire a company. You’ll have to look at their reputation from different sources to make an informed decision. You can assess that by looking at their online reviews. They’re the right choice for you if they’ve garnered positive reviews from different areas and neighborhoods. 

Also, try learning about how they deal with customers. Eventually, your interaction with them will prove whether the positive reviews actually mean something. If you still need more assurance, you can always ask them to provide you with some references. People who refer a company are satisfied with their services and can vouch for them. 

Company Requirements

See if the company provides has all the requirements to provide safe tree services. Requirements include everything from safety gear to machinery and even proper knowledge of dealing with certain trees. Things that you consider trivial and unnecessary could be essentials in the middle of the tree removal process. 

Be sure that the company possesses all necessary requirements to avoid a mishap. This is also one way to gauge how professional a company is. For example, if a tree service company arrives at your property with a ladder to remove your tree, you’ll know how unprofessional they are. 

Professional tree service companies always have the latest machinery and equipment to service your trees. They have skilled employees who know how to operate such equipment. So, always make sure that the service providers fulfill the requirements for servicing a tree. 

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Get Different Estimates 

Try to have more than one estimate before hiring a tree service company. This will help you compare the prices between two service providers and provide a general idea of the current rates in the market. It will help you understand if a company is asking for a reasonable price or if it’s too expensive. Also, different companies have their own solutions to a problem. For example, one company may offer to cut down your tree in one go, while the other may cut it down in pieces. 

Now the difference is that cutting down a tree in one go can cause a lot of damage to your property, but it will require less time. On the other hand, cutting it down in pieces is a lengthy process but won’t cause any damage to your property. Now, both processes will charge you differently due to the duration, so it’s up to you to decide which service is preferable.

Different estimates allow you to choose one that suits your budget, and it also gives you an idea of the different services that other tree service companies can offer you. 

Pay after the Work

Some companies tend to ask for money after they’ve done half the work. They come up with excuses like ‘we have to pay employees’, ‘we need money for gas,’ or ‘give us the payment, we are just coming back.’ All these excuses are only a way to get the money out of you without finishing the job properly. Such services never return to finish the job. 

Professional tree service companies will never ask for money without completing the work. They will service your tree, remove it, trim it and even clean up afterward. Always try to hire a company that portrays a professional image in terms of services and facilities. 

Always work with Professionals

There are door-to-door contractors who offer you their services, but be aware of them because they are not professionals, and most of them are looking to con you. These unprofessional contractors don’t have proper skills, equipment, or certification, so they’re only a danger to your property. 

Always hire a professional tree service company that has proper equipment and expertise. Moreover, they should also offer a reasonable price. So don’t try to save on a few dollars, as it can lead to you incurring higher costs in the future. 


Servicing a tree may not look like much work, but when it’s not done right, it can cause harm and damage to a person’s life and property. Hence, experts recommend that you hire a professional tree service company to provide better services and options for servicing your trees.

So, if you are looking for skilled employees who can address your concerns, contact us at Payne’s Environmental Tree Services for affordable services by licensed and insured staff. We hope this article will help you choose the right tree service company for yourself. 

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