Step by Step Guide for Tree Removal

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Trees provide a clean environment and enhance the beauty of your landscape and surroundings. Then there are added benefits like providing safety, privacy, and shelter. But when trees grow too big, it can cause safety hazards and even sewerage line blockages, which prompt necessary tree removal. 

Tree removals are not easy. They’re easy to talk about, but safely removing them takes a lot of work. You should always hire some professional help instead of taking up such a risky job yourself. Furthermore, there are some important tips that you need to consider before hiring a professional for tree removal. The tips are as follows:

Inspect Thoroughly 

First, inspect the tree thoroughly. Trees often only require some trimming, shaping, or treatment to grow correctly. For this, you have to determine the tree’s condition. For example, is the tree not growing well, is it unhealthy, or is it dead already? After learning the exact condition of your tree, you’ll be able to know what treatment and solution the tree needs. 

Then, try to figure out why you need tree removal. Do you need to make space? Or do you think that the tree is a safety hazard? You should have an answer to all of these questions. 

Secondly, you should go over available options to help you avoid tree removal. You can opt for a tree removal service if there’s no other solution to your problem. This will save the tree from unwanted damage or removal. 

Hire a Professional 

Removing a tree is no easy task, and you should hire professional services at all costs. That’s because tree removal requires expertise and insight, things that a layman doesn’t necessarily have. A professional tree removal service will also offer other options than removing the tree entirely.

In addition, tree removal requires proper equipment and safety measures to protect the professional removing the tree as well as their surroundings. Plus, you certainly don’t want to harm your garden or your neighbor’s yard by trying to save a few dollars. So, it’s always better to hire professional help instead of trying to remove the tree yourself. This removes the burden, and you’ll get it done right. 

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Check the Professional Requirements

When hiring a professional tree removal service, you should check to see if the company meets all the necessary requirements and is an eligible candidate for the task. Ask the company about their insurance status, so you don’t have to worry about being liable for injuries. 

See if they have all the necessary equipment and machinery for the job. They should carry required safety gear such as:

  • Hard hat
  • Goggles
  • Heavy-duty gloves
  • Steel toe boots
  • Ladder
  • Ax
  • Rope
  • Fully stocked first-aid-kit
  • Wedges
  • Chainsaw- sharpened, gassed, oiled
  • A spotter or a partner  

It’s important to remember that not every household has such specific safety equipment, so make sure the company’s workers carry it while working. You don’t want to hire a tree removal company only to learn later that their workers don’t use necessary safety equipment. In some cases, professionals need a crane to lift the tree after cutting it down. You’ll need to ensure that the company has its own crane or leases it from another company before hiring them for tree removal.  

Be aware of Local Regulations

It’s common for homeowners to assume that a tree growing on their property makes it their property. Even so, it is subject to the city’s regulations. You may believe that you can easily get the tree removed because it’s your property. However, many cities can ask you for a permit or inspection 


That’s why experts recommended that you check the regulations regarding tree removal in your area. If you hire a professional tree removal service for this task, they can guide you on this necessary step and how to do it. If you want to avoid the hassle of facing legal issues, it’s best to do your due diligence first. 

Plan proper Wastage Removal 

Once the company removes the tree, the lumber and stump become waste material. Understandably, no one wants such waste in their yard or garden to ruin their property’s look. For this reason, make sure the tree removal service provider properly disposes of the waste. Taking this step allows you to avoid inconvenience later. 

The company can add the waste removal cost to the total sum of money communicated. Also, they should have the proper transportation to dispose of the waste from your house. If the trunk can be cut down for firewood, make sure to communicate this to your tree removal service providers. 


There are many concerns surrounding the tree removal process. Hiring a professional service and making sure they follow all the safety precautions ensures an easy process during and even after tree removal. Keep in mind all these steps when you tree removal services for your property. After all, such a task is not as easy as it sounds. 

If you still have doubts about the service, you can contact us at Payne’s Environmental Services. We can take care of all your tree removal needs. We even take care of our professionals’ insurance policy while always striving to serve. 

We hope that this guide will help you understand the important tips you need to know when removing a tree from your yard.  

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