Storm-Damaged Tree Removal Tips

Tree that had fallen in driveway of home

A storm can be a devastating experience, especially for residential and commercial property owners that might face a problem with their buildings. Most of the trees fall after a storm, which puts a damage risk on people and property. To avoid such scenarios, you can always hire a Tree Service Company.

It’s understandable if your trees are damaged after a dangerous storm and are hinging along the road or could potentially fall on a passerby. Knowing the right tips to remove a storm-damaged tree is crucial before hiring professional services. 

Storm-Damaged Tree Removal Tips

Removing a storm-damaged tree becomes a must, especially for property owners who might deal with many problems like road blockages because of the damaged tree. Hasty decisions while trying to remove the tree can often make it more complicated for professionals to survive in these circumstances. Therefore, we’ll list down the best storm-damaged tree removal tips for you in this piece.

1. Check the Entire Yard First

If you have faced storm damage, it’s necessary to proceed with caution, even before you get out of your property. For starters, you should check if any power cables are lying around in the ground around you. It can be a severe health hazard as you can get electrocuted from these wires if not dealt with carefully. 

A professional Tree Service Company will always recommend cautiously moving and finding possible power cables within your yard. There’s a high chance that danger may lurk in areas you may not consider. For instance, the power cables may be under a dead animal or debris collected on the lawn after a storm.

 It’s crucial to note everything in detail because it can help you explain things to Tree Services Company to speed up their work. You can also check for possible ground damage, which can later become a problem. The property owners should also check for other problems, such as:

  • Water pooling
  • Power lines
  • Fallen trees
  • Broken windows
  • Bricks or concrete damage

Identifying the potential damage can make it easier for the Tree Services Company to find the most suitable solution for their customers.

2. Inspect the Tree Damage

A damaged tree is also a safety risk– especially with halfway damage to the tree, in case there’s a split tree trunk or broken tree top. Taking charge is crucial if there’s a damaged tree on your lawn. It would be best if you focused on it. If your tree damage hasn’t pulled down any power cables, there are lesser things to worry about. You should touch it if there’s a broken wire because it can conduct the charge.

The best action is to contact a Tree Service company and call the company to see what they suggest. These professionals usually have a great idea of what is best for tree damage.

3. Remove the Debris that You can 

It’s understandable if you are not equipped to handle all the debris and residue from the tree damage. However, that still doesn’t mean you should stay put completely. You can do your part in the tree removal task by immediately removing any debris you can pick up from the lawn. Branches, twigs, and other debris will fill up the ground and be a nuisance in the tree removal process. 

Taking the time for debris removal can facilitate the Tree Services Company allowing them to start working on the actual tree removal without spending excessive time dealing with smaller debris. You can bring in a wheelbarrow to collect debris in one go and remove it from the ground.

Once you have collected all the extra debris, you can dispose of it as needed.   For instance, the branches and tree sap can make excellent firewood once it dries. You can keep it dry until the wood’s moisture dries away. 

If you are unsure how to do this, you can see if your local township can help. They will turn large branches into more minor chips, which makes it easier for you to dispose of them. However, if you have a lot of leaf residue in the ground, you can create compost with them and add them to the soil to improve the way they look.

4. Remove Any Harmful Debris

Debris, such as branches and leaves, may only take up space and make tree removal harder for the Tree Services Company. However, some debris can seriously damage lawn owners. As long as you can remove the dangerous debris without damaging yourself- it’s okay to do it.

After a severe storm, you can handle only so much on your own. It’s recommended that you contact a professional for damages you can’t handle to ensure your safety. Things to look out for that should ensure a call to a professional is:

5. Do not Try to do everything yourself

As a property owner, it can be pretty amusing to handle with a DIY approach, as there’s a lot you can do. However, there are some limitations to the things you can and cannot do during tree removal. For instance, you may need to cut down large broken or hang branches with an overhead chainsaw. These chainsaws are harder to find and may not always be the best option for first-timers.

Similarly, an uprooted or downed tree can also create tension and pressure point patterns in the ground, impacting the experience.

Moreover, if the branches of the trees are too close, they can harm the utility lines and cause long-term damage. The property owners should immediately report these cases to the professional authorities and NEVER attempt to move these lines themselves. 

To sum it up, for any task you don’t have experience or training, do avoid it. This way, you’ll assist with the tree removal without causing a threat to your life and others.

Bottom Line

Hiring a professional Tree Services Company is the best approach to making your outdoors safer after storm damage to the trees. We recommend taking care of the trees and hiring professionals as soon as possible. If you are looking for recommendations, our experts at Payne’s Environmental Tree Services offer the solution for your storm-damaged tree removal and maintenance needs. Connect with us today.

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