Tree Root Removal

Root Removal in the Tampa Bay area

Whether the roots are left over from a tree that has fallen over or recently been cut down, we will assess the root system to determine the most adequate plan of action.

Tampa root removal requires heavy machinery and hazardous equipment, such as chainsaws. You want to make sure you let a professional team handle the labor for you to avoid any safety risks.

Root removal in Tampa can also be performed successfully while also saving the tree. We will assess each individual client’s situation to work with our customers to decide what is best for their lawns. For example, if you wish to save your tree but find its roots to be a nuisance while mowing your lawn, we would probably choose to simply grind the roots down to a level of no interference. However, if the roots have gotten to the point of cracking the cement surrounding your home, complete root removal is probably your best option.

Sometimes the decision for tree root removal comes on a whim, when a family finally decides to take action and allows their lawn to reach its full potential. Other times, emergency root removal is necessary whether the family wants to or not.

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Payne’s Gold Standard in Root Removal

At Payne’s Environmental Services, we value our customers. That is why there will always be someone to help you no matter what time of day it is! No matter when you call, you will be able to speak with an actual Payne’s staff member, not an annoying recording or voice message system (even if you call in the middle of the night!). Our highly trained and qualified staff possess the expertise as a root remover in Tampa, regardless of how severe or challenging your root system may be.

​We also happily serve both commercial and residential properties. Whether you are at home or at work, your safety is importance to us (as well as your lawn satisfaction). Our state of the art equipment guarantees a job well done in a safe and timely manner.

We are a complete tree root remover and offer root removal solutions!

Tampa tree root removal is not a process that should be handled by yourself. Let a professional and trained staff take care of the problem for you. At Payne’s Environmental Services, we have the experience, expertise and top of the line equipment required for innovative solutions for even the most complex root systems. Even when the job is finished, we also promise detailed clean up. Call us today for a free estimate for root removal in Tampa and its surrounding Florida cities.

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Client Testimonials

Read why Payne’s Environmental Services’ clients keep coming back. When you’re ready to hire a Tree Service Company in Tampa Bay, give us a call at 813-677-6822 to schedule your free estimate.

Bill K.

Commercial Client

Payne's Environmental is an amazing and professional tree removal service. My office is surrounded by Palm Trees. We had one 40 foot Palm Tree die this past month. They came out, trimmed all of our other Palm Trees, and took down the dead Palm (cutting it up and grinding the stump) in less than 2 hours. They left my office area immaculate. I am very pleased with their service and I highly recommend them.

Javier A.

Residential Client

Called Payne's Environmental to have a rotted tree removed from my back yard. The tree was very large and it was too big a job for me and my friends so I had to seek professional help. The price was good and they came right out.. If you are looking for a reputable company Payne's is the place.

Ulrich M.

Commercial Client

I own a car dealership and I had a tree that was old and rotted and I was concerned that it would fall over and damage my new cars on display. I had Payne's Environmental come out and remove it for me. They did a great job and the price was very fair. I am going to have them do my home next month and also trim my mothers house. Great Job Terry thank you for all your help.

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Whether you need emergency tree removal services or you’d like someone to prune your trees, you can count on Payne’s Environmental Services to provide an effective solution. Call 813-677-6822 to schedule your free estimate.

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