Things to know about Hurricane Tree Removal

Hurricanes are natural disasters that affect people in a significant way by damaging property, vehicles, and trees. While it’s common knowledge that a hurricane causes immense damage after it’s over, it can also affect homeowners before a hurricane. That’s because experts predict a hurricane to be so powerful that people living in that area or city will need to relocate, causing a lot of trouble and inconvenience. 

In addition to taking care of yourself and your family, you need to take care of the trees on your property. After all, they also suffer from significant damage from a hurricane. Once they’re affected, you’ll need immediate assistance for tree removal due to hurricane damage. 

However, there are a few things you need to know about hurricane tree removal. Doing your homework before the damage can help you avoid further damage and loss – both for yourself and your surroundings. Let’s look at some of the things you need to consider about hurricane tree removal: 

Taking Care of Trees before Hurricane

Unlike natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes come with a warning. When local news sources inform the public that a hurricane is on its way, you should quickly get to work. You should examine your trees to see if they need pruning, trimming, or removal before the hurricane arrives. 

Trimming and pruning your healthy trees will make them resistant to damage in the event of a hurricane. If you shape them by trimming excess branches, the chances are that they’ll continue to stand strong during the disaster. 

Removing any unhealthy, dried, or dead trees is equally important before a hurricane. This helps prevent a dead tree from falling on your car or home. In this case, you can hire a professional to examine the tree and guide you according to the situation. Taking necessary precautions beforehand is smart, but you shouldn’t delay it any further.  

Knowing Which Tree to remove first

A majority of trees get affected by hurricanes and falls. You need to first determine which tree requires immediate attention and removal. For example, a tree falling on the ground or on an abandoned street may not require close attention and care.

Meanwhile, trees require immediate removal when they fall onto busy roads or houses or when their branches interfere with electrical cables. This prevents them from harming people and reducing the amount of damage they cause to property. So, making a quick decision at the right time is equally important. 

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Contact a Professional Hurricane Damage Tree Removal Service

The next important thing is to call a professional and reliable hurricane damage tree removal company. Hiring a professional is a better option than hurting yourself while trying to remove the tree yourself. 

Trees have heavy trunks and branches. They require special equipment for trimming, pruning, and removal. If you try to remove a branch from an electrical cable, it’s likely that you’ll get struck by lightning or an electrical shock, which no one wants. 

Trying to take a broken trunk or branch from your own property can increase your risk of injury. So, it is always better to get professional help for the removal of trees rather than risking your own life. There are 15 important reasons why you need to hire a professional hurricane damage tree removal service are: 

  1. They know what they are doing. 
  2. They are insured and licensed. 
  3. They have expertise that a layman doesn’t.
  4. They have skilled types of equipment for tree removals and the experience to use them.
  5. They have heavy machinery to load, remove and dispose of your tree.
  6. They ensure not to damage your property, which you can’t. 
  7. They possess all the safety gear before working on a tree. 
  8. They know if they have to restore a tree or remove it entirely.
  9. They are well aware of a tree’s condition. 
  10. They check out for any foreseen or expected damage to your trees.
  11. They clean up your property after the hurricane damage tree removal process.   
  12. They give you advice and guidance for our future experiences.
  13. They have insurance coverage in the event of damage to the property.
  14. They have skillful and experienced staff who deal with hurricane casualties. 
  15. They can manage trees of all sizes. 

Hurricane damage tree removal is one of the hardest tasks to deal with after a hurricane hits a region. Due to the calamity’s harmful nature, you need to take care of the tree before and after a storm. 

The threats and risks a fallen and damaged tree imposes on a person’s house, car, way of traveling, and daily life certainly require immediate attention and care. You need to immediately contact a professional hurricane damage tree removal service to assist you, help you and guide you for future hurricanes. 


If you’re looking for a suitable tree removal company, you can contact us at Payne’s Environmental Tree Services for hurricane damage tree removal. Our licensed and insured staff provide expert guidance and services for a hassle-free experience. We believe in providing quality services and offering a satisfactory experience to customers whose properties suffer from hurricane damage.

We hope this guide will help you understand why taking care of your trees is essential before and after the hurricane. A professional tree removal company is necessary because lifting a heavy tree can cause harm to yourself or your property. After a disaster like a hurricane, the last thing people should do is cause more problems. 

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