Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Professional for Residential Tree Care

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Are you considering trimming or pruning your trees yourself? Maybe you are looking forward to buy new tree trimming equipment and making it a part of your tree care routine. Or perhaps you’re just wondering how to save money on such expenses. 

But before you climb up a ladder and start trimming your trees yourself, hear us out. Hiring a tree care offers many benefits for your safety and property. Experts make sure that your yard and trees stay healthy and look great. Not to mention, they have appropriate knowledge that can help in the prevention of infestations due to pests and disease. 

While it sounds enticing that you can take up tree maintenance as a DIY project to save money, the benefits don’t outweigh the risks. In this blog, we will talk about the reasons you should hire a professional for residential tree care. 

Improper Pruning and Its Effects

If you do it yourself, you risk harming, or even killing your trees, and here’s why:

Improper cutting or pruning may harm your trees because you won’t know the right way to do it. And it’s not easy to do the research on each tree, since every tree has its requirements and environmental conditions. Here in Florida, trees have a tendency to grow larger and at a faster rate. This is why you need to hire a professional pruner, as it is better to control things before time runs out. 

Common Mistakes We Do in Tree Care

Cutting Too Much From the Top: We usually cut too much from the top part of a tree, and as a consequence, it no longer grows the way it used to. Not only will it end up looking uglier, but it might die due to the weak structure of the branches. This is known as topping. 

Overcutting: overcutting can directly lead to tree death. Excessive cutting or pruning might kill your trees, as it involves cutting healthy shafts that we don’t know about. 

No Idea from Where to Cut: sometimes, we don’t even know what to cut and where to cut from, which ultimately leads to an improper pruning approach. While it is essential to remove dead branches, doing so improperly might cause harm to the trees. 

Besides pruning, there are many other reasons you should hire a professional for residential tree care. Have a look:

  1. Stay Alert from the Danger

There is no doubt that trees are dangerous. You need proper safety gear to climb up larger trees. If you need a ladder to help you climb a tree, then it’s better to hire a professional with the right safety gear, training, and knowledge to climb heavy limbs. As a result, you prevent damage to the property and injuries as well. Trying out tree maintenance as a DIY job involves risks as you can potentially risk others or yourself. 

  1. Convenience at a Door Step

Why would you want to do it yourself when you have a convenient option to have someone else do it for you? Sure, you may have a pole saw lying around in your garage, but that’s not all you need.  Chances are that you’re still missing other gear and equipment that’s necessary for proper tree pruning. Only professional arborists are aware of the right tools and machinery to complete tree-cutting tasks efficiently. When you try doing it on your own without the right tools, you’ll end up with poor results. 

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  1. Healthy Soil is a Priority

The Reason why you need to hire a professional for residential tree care is that he might have knowledge about maintaining a tree’s health and wellness by taking care of your soil. Professionals know when your trees need new soil and when old soil loses its nutrients. If you want to upgrade your yard’s appearance and boost your property’s curb appeal, leave the pruning to the professionals so they can get it done well. Also, when your garden has the right soil, your trees grow better. 

  1. Prevention of Disease Spread from Insects 

Pests can damage a tree and even lead to death, which is heart-wrenching to see. When this happens, the only way to save your trees is to call a professional for help as soon as possible. They can help prevent the infestation from spreading to the rest of your trees. In such cases, tree care professionals recommend trimming, treatments, and soil change. In severe cases, they may recommend the removal of the entire tree to save the rest of the healthy trees. 

  1. Stump Removal 

Stumps are pretty annoying for a couple of reasons:

  • They make chores like mowing very difficult 
  • They are quite an eye-sore
  • They can harbor pests 

Most importantly, you can’t remove stumps on your own. Hence, hiring a professional is your only solution. You can easily find qualified professionals in Florida at reasonable prices. If you want a good-looking yard, then don’t delude yourself into thinking that it’s a DIY job. 

Hire the Best Residential Tree Care Professional

Now that you know the Reasons to Hire a Professional for Residential Tree Care, it’s about time that you start searching for someone who can save your yard. Don’t go with DIYing methods since they can end up hurting or even killing your trees. Pruning can be a challenging task. One thing goes wrong and your tree dies. So it is better that you stay on the safe side and hire a professional company like Payne’s Environmental Services for the best tree care services. Our experts know everything about trees, all the ins and outs. They offer reliable assistance and options that best suit your problem, whether it is tree stump removal, topping, or trimming. We are a one-stop solution, providing satisfactory tree care services. You can also give us a call at 813-677-6822.

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