Top 6 Benefits of Wood Waste Recycling

Wood is a valuable material because it’s very versatile and useful for making several durable products. But construction projects inevitably create wood waste. If not disposed of properly, most wood waste gradually becomes a part of environmental pollution. Some wood waste decomposes on its own without the need for acid or a disposal technique, but it still leaves a negative impact on the environment. Factually, disposing of wood waste at proper disposal sites is a good option, but it requires the use of fuel that can contribute to your carbon footprint. 

This leaves wood waste recycling as a suitable option. Recycling is a simple yet powerful solution to dispose of wood waste and make new beneficial products. 

What is Wood Waste Recycling? 

Wood waste is produced after demolishing or maintenance of a factory, homes, buildings, bridges, or even rail yards. Generally speaking, the wood and plastic waste go to landfills, but as people are becoming more environmentally conscious, they prefer recycling these products to prevent pollution. 

Wood recycling is the process of re-making new wood from old scraps. The process includes refurbishing, refilling, and refinishing. Products that are made of recycled wood scraps are durable, sturdy, and can last a long time. 

If you think that wood waste recycling is a new concept and is conducted thanks to the latest technology, you’re wrong. In fact, it’s among the oldest processes. Even back in the early 1990s, timber wood was recycled for sustainable management. As the rate of deforestation increases and the effects of climate change exacerbate, it asks both consumers and suppliers to opt for quality practices like recycling to save both human and marine life. 

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Benefits of Wood Waste Recycling

Around 16 million tons of waste wood are produced every year across the world. And to help the environment, it is important to recycle these tons of waste. This way, we help reduce the negative impact on the environment, as it also reduces the number of trees being cut down. Factually, you are saving thousands of lives, especially marine lives, by embracing the wood recycling process. 

What’s more, products made from wood scraps are less expensive because making them from recycled wood consumes less energy than making it from raw material. And don’t think that recycled wood material only gives you drab-looking products. Now, you can even get luxurious wooden flooring made from recycled wood, saving you a lot of money. 

Here are other benefits of wood waste recycling, so let’s have a look:

1. New Products Making

In Florida, recycling wood contributes to new products, from making versatile beds to quality seats. Recycled wood is sturdy, stronger, and long-lasting. Moreover, recycled wood is useful for the construction market to build houses, poultry bedding, panel boards, feedstock, and other materials. Wooden planks can also undergo recycling to make furniture and wooden showpieces. By recycling wood waste from Construction and Demolition (C&D) Sector, we can also construct particle boards. Not only this, but wooden flooring can help give homes an appealing look. 

2. No or Less Environmental Impacts

The most essential benefit of wood waste recycling is that it has positive impacts on the environment. Not just that, it leads to fewer trees being cut down if we start recycling wood waste and dispose of less waste in landfills. An added benefit is that when fewer trees are cut down, it improves the air quality. If we use recycled wood, it can help in creating a better environment for the future generation. 

3. Reduces Product Cost

The products made from recycled wood are cheaper to make and, consequently, inexpensive to buy. It is because raw materials need electricity consumption to extract and process, and this makes recycling an amazing, effective option to go for. There is no need to invest in high-cost items when you can buy them at a lower rate and get the added benefit of strength and durability. 

4. Reduces Fire hazards

Leaving large piles of wood waste around your home might lead to a potential fire risk. Sure, you’re always careful, but haven’t you ever heard the saying “precautions are better than cure?” And this is exactly the same. To prevent fire accidents, it is essential to dispose of all of your wood waste immediately or, better yet, take it to a licensed recycling facility.

5. Decreases Green House Gas Emissions

As we know, trees consume carbon-dioxide and provide us with oxygen. Thanks to wood waste recycling, we save thousands of trees every year, reducing the rate of global warming. And as we discussed above, recycled wood products require little energy, which helps minimize emissions. Therefore, wood recycling options are excellent for saving the environment. 

6. Healthier Air 

The recycled waste that ends up in landfills can include material from construction or demolition projects. In the landfills, these materials produce toxic gasses, which negatively affect our environment and health when released into the air. So each time we use recycled wood waste, we do our part to protect the planet. For healthier air, we need to fix the environment, which we can do by recycling wood and plastic waste. 

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