Tree Removal Services- The Process and Benefits

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Removing trees in residential areas is a task best suited to professional tree removal service providers, which follow the right guidelines and steps to ensure that you receive professional services. You may need tree removal services for many reasons, such as rotten wood, fallen trees, and infrastructure damage from the tree due to natural disasters. 

Without further ado, let’s talk about the tree removal process, the methods of tree removal, and the benefits of cutting down trees without a professional.

Tree removal occurs in many situations, mostly where a tree falling can cause harm to life and property around it. If the tree faces slight damage, it’s removed to ensure environmental safety.

Process of Tree Removal

The tree removal process has steps to maintain the safety of the workers and the infrastructure or any property that might face damage from the tree removal process performed by trained and experienced professionals.

The tree damage might occur from natural disasters. In that case, you can opt for specialized hurricane damage tree removal, or flood damage tree removal services. They also may experience damage due to construction sites or impact by a car. Overall, they are removed if there is even the slightest chance that they can fall.

Our professionals follow these seven steps to conduct the tree removal process smoothly.

1. Clear the Area

We ensure the clearing of the area by measuring the space in which the tree will lay flat after cutting it down. There are many instances where the surrounding area gets damaged due to inefficient tree removal planning. Therefore, it’s advised to avail our services to have a properly planned and executed tree removal process.

2. Examine the Tree

We ensure that the tree is properly examined before we get to work. This helps us gauge its size, girth, length, how strongly rooted it is, and other factors. We use this information to plan out the cuts and angles. The use of angle is essential in taking down trees, as we take the help of gravity to ensure that the tree falls down in the correct spot. The area where the tree falls down is specifically cleared out, in order to avoid any damage to property.

3. Safety and Hazard Planning

Our professionals carefully mark pre-planned exit routes, which help maintain a safe and accident-free environment for everyone. By ensuring a safety protocol, if anything occurs unexpectedly, our professional workers can make sure that nobody gets hurt.

4. Pick the Right Equipment

Larger tree removal jobs require much larger and heavier equipment, rather than a simple axe or chainsaw. Sometimes, the tree removal requires heavy machinery to cut through the trunk and pick it up, moving it to another location or taking it away. Only a professional tree removal knows which equipment to use.

5. Perform an Undercut

After analyzing the requirements and particulars for the tree removal process, we start with an undercut. We make a 45-degree angled cut on the side we want the tree to fall on; it is approximately a quarter-inch deep into the tree to ensure the tree falls on the side that’s cleared.

6. Make the Back Cut

Making a back cut ensures that the tree’s hinges on the back cut and falls forward towards the undercut. The professionals place this cut 2 inches deep to tip over the tree.

7. Ensure the Tree Falls Properly

There’s a reason why most lumberjacks call out “timber” when a tree falls. It helps ensure your safety and allows a safety protocol to help avoid any disasters or damages. Our professionals make sure that the safety of everyone around them is ensured as the tree falls.

Once the tree is down, we use our tools to cut it into smaller chunks, removing the branches and making it easier to dispose of.

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Benefits of Tree Removal

The tree removal process can have many benefits; let’s have a look at some of them.

Clearing of Damaged or Dead Trees

It helps in clearing away the dead trees that can help bring life to the surrounding land.

Prevents Damages

Sometimes, a natural disaster or even strong winds can cause a damaged or worn-out tree to fall, causing a lot of damage to your property and belongings. If you have a tree that looks as if it can fall, our tree removal services are just what you need to prevent any hazard.

Clear Out Space

Removal of a dead tree can help free up the space in your garden, and help you in adding new trees or plants.

Risks of Tree Removal

These are the potential risks avoided by hiring our professional tree clearing services:

Trees Might Collide with Power Lines

Sometimes, if the trees are not removed before the planning of buildings or communities, there are high chances of trees growing very tall and entangling with power lines, which can cause higher fire hazards.

We can use our professional equipment and techniques to bring those trees down without harming man-made constructions and the environment around them.

Use of Proper Equipment

When the individual decides to cut the trees themselves instead of calling their tree service company, there are chances of the tree removal equipment not working properly; therefore, poor use of equipment can create hazards and might take a long time as opposed to the use of our tree removal professionals.

We have professional equipment that can easily cut down trees without any harm and by following safety protocols to ensure everyone’s safety.


Many factors must be kept in mind when clearing a tree, most of which revolve around hurricane damage, tree removal, or any other forms of natural disaster or man-made damage to trees that may hurt people around it. There it is necessary to take precautionary steps to avoid further environmental damage.

For more information or if you’re looking to hire a professional tree removal service, contact Payne’s Environmental Services, where our professionals can provide you with any tree removal aid.

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