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Trees in residential areas are mostly planted for shade and aesthetics. They are also planted for their fruits; the fruit trees often overshadow other trees. Nevertheless, they provide shade and make your garden or front lawn look beautiful. However, recent developments and construction often make trees a safety hazard, but you can navigate around the problem by hiring a tree service company

Weak or dead trees are dangerous if left alone; a strong wind can fling or uproot the tree, resulting in significant property damage and financial losses. Moreover, taller trees are often considered dangerous, especially when there are electrical wires going around them. In either case, you can rely on a tree service company to ensure that no mishap occurs.

No matter what, cutting down or removing trees isn’t always the solution. With a little care and maintenance, you can save your tree from dying or causing property damage. In this article, we discuss at length about what tree service companies are, the types of services they offer, and much more.

What is a Tree Service Company?

A tree service company is an organization of professional arborists who study trees and other plant life,  and excel in studying trees and their healthy growth. These professionals take it upon themselves to care for the trees in the residential area after a client hits them up. There are many ways professional arborists help their clients. They analyze the situation first to give a solution.

Types of Tree Services

Professional arborists offer a few ways to help the tree grow healthier. Here are 5 ways a tree service company helps trees in a residential area:

  1. Trimming and Pruning

Tree trimming helps maintain a healthy tree as the dead branches are cut off and allowed to grow again, which is a sign of a healthy tree. By trimming and pruning their branches and canopies, the arborist help maintain a healthy tree.

  1. Tree removal

Due to nature, trees are required to be removed for new plantations, and their growth can interfere with the infrastructure layout of the land, such as power lines, buildings, and other manmade objects.

  1. Emergency Tree Services

They also end up posing for emergencies such as falling on a road, parking lot, or other public spaces where the movement can halt human activities. Therefore trees require to be taken down to optimize various activities. The arborist requires heavy machinery and professional cuts to remove trees.

  1. Stump Removal and Grinding

Stump removal comes after the tree has been taken down; the cuts are put into trees that have their root connected to the ground, specifically when the trees are huge and require a step-by-step process to be brought down to remove the tree properly. The grinding occurs with the tree, and its roots are in place. It’s a less intrusive method as opposed to stump removal.

Stump removal can help pull the roots out further, completing the tree removal process.

  1. Disease and Insect Management

This process is an analyzing step where an arborist looks into the tree and how it should be necessary to remove its components. Fungal infection is one of the many reasons, including other disease factors, that allow the tree to rot and die; therefore, it is necessary to remove the tree entirely.

Types of tree removal

There are 4 types of tree removal when it comes to removing the tree entirely:

  • Felling

It is the most common of other methods where the arborist chops down or cuts at the tree’s base, allowing the trunks to fall. It only requires an axe or a chain saw and the help of gravity and stress points of the tree to work together to bring it down.

  • Climbing

For this method, the arborist climbs up to the tree and starts chopping the tree from the top-down method. This method allows cutting off large trees like coconut trees which are longer and require a large space to be cut down but sometimes the space they require cannot be provided in residential areas; thus, making them come down in smaller pieces proves it to be the best solution.

  • Bucket

For this method, a bucket truck is hired in which the arborist is standing and manually bringing down the tree trunk due to lack of space, requiring a bucket to bring down the tree in pieces.

  • Crane

This method is risky in terms of other methods of bringing down tree trunks. This impact occurs when the tree is too large to be cut down manually and requires the help of a crane to be picked up and shifted around the place.

How to approach tree removal

The tree removal process is heavily focused on depending on the prospects like space, energy, and such. Therefore we provide the clients with projects within their budget and look into the safety of the whole situation. It entirely depends on the tree’s six and the space around it, allowing it to drop down.

We go as the list states, from the trimming and pruning methods to using a crane as a last resort option. If the tree isn’t as large, the crane method is useless and a waste of everyone’s safety which could affect the situation badly.


In conclusion, the process of a tree service company is made up of experience from the arborist’s side and highly involves the complexity of the situation. With thorough detail and discussion, we at Payne’s Environmental Tree Services promise to offer the best method and solution to your tree removal and maintenance needs.

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