What to Look for in a Tree Service Company in Tampa Bay?

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Tree service companies provide services for tree removal, tree trimming, and tree pruning. The companies provide proper tree care from every aspect that can contribute to the growth and prosperity of trees. In addition, they protect their natural beauty and provide services to both commercial and residential properties.

There are several companies providing tree service. Therefore, it is essential to know whether you hire a professional tree service company for your tree well. A professional tree service company should have ISA Certified Arborist on board and one TCIA CTSP (Certified Tree Care Safety Professional). 

Experts explain that tree care companies provide tree pruning, trimming, and plant health care, but they require certification/ registration.

Here are things you need to look for when hiring a tree service company.

Factors to Look for in a Tree Service Company

Read the following list of factors to keep in mind when you hire someone to care for your trees.

1. Insurance

First, insurance is the most crucial factor to look for when hiring a tree service company. You need to check if they have liability insurance to cover any incidental and potential damage done to your property. In addition, make sure they have worker’s insurance in case of injuries that their employees may experience while working on your property.

2. Employee Credentials 

Another essential factor you need to look for is checking employee credentials working for the company. The company you are hiring for should have a legal license as a Tree Service Company. Employees should be well-trained to meet any situation during the service process. They should have experience in the work they are doing. If workers are not well-trained and professional, they can cause harm to your property. 

3. State License

All employees should comply with OSHA Work Safety rules as per the State Department of Transportation regulations. As per rule, a licensed and insured company is accountable for carrying the general liability insurance to cover the damage. Moreover, the company should have a license of heavy equipment, underground sewer lines, proper operation, and the weight of vehicles.

4. Equipment

Another important thing you need to make sure of is what equipment they will use. Trees service companies have large and heavy equipment. You need to tell the company about the underground lines and other essential things they need to know to use their machinery accordingly. Now the introduction of the latest technology has made the tasks easier and effective. 

5. Clean up Process

The cleaning up process is the step that many companies overlook. You can make sure at the time of the contract that the service company you are hiring will not leave the debris behind after completing work. Suppose you want to get service for tree mulched for your yard or cut and stacked for firewood. Make sure to decide in the agreement already about the cleanup process that the company will handle, and you will not pay extra charges for it. It can be costly if you decide to do it on your own.

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6. History of Tree Service Company

Another essential thing you need to consider is to check the previous history or performance of the company. For building your trust in the company you are hiring, you can check the history and track record of their past projects. Before finalizing a company and weighing the estimates, check for how long the company is providing the service. You can also ask them whether they work in the same areas or work in multiple locations. The company’s history will tell you about the track record of their clients, along with their performance and business practices.

7. Certifications

In addition to looking for a state license and insurance of the tree service company, you also need to make sure they have specialization certification. The International Society of Arboriculture or ISA offers certification for tree services, including removal, trimming, and pruning. Companies that possess the ISA certificate can ensure they use the best practices and have high standards in the tree service industry.

8. Time

You also need to check if the company provides 24-hours emergency service. In addition, you should ask them before the contract how long it will take to complete the entire project. Although it may vary from company to company, you can choose one more suitable for you. Several companies have the latest equipment, so they complete the job in a shorter period.

9. Written Detailed Estimate

Every tree service company needs to provide estimates for its services. In addition, they should have flexible rules to assess what you need. Make sure to ask for details when getting the estimates in written form. It will let you know, in fact, about the overall financial cost in actual.

10. Testimonials and References

Another essential thing you can look for is searching for testimonials from different clients on the company’s website. Do thorough research to check the overall quality of services by reading the reviews and ratings from previous clients. If you cannot find these details on the company site, you can ask them directly to share them with you. A professional company will provide all these details with satisfied customer testimonials.

11. Services Offered

Certain companies offer only tree-removal services. In contrast, some companies may provide more than one service. But it would help if you looked closely at what services your chosen tree service company delivers. Also, ensure that the company includes debris removal or stump grinding in its services. Choose the company that saves you from all kinds of headaches and is available to provide you with additional benefits in case you need them. 

Bottom Line

By keeping all the above points in mind, you can make a well-informed decision about what company to hire. Protect your trees and hire Payne’s Environmental Services a fully insured, ISA TRAQ Certified Arborist.


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