Why Should Homeowners Hire a Tree Removal Service?

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Growing some trees in your yard is a good way to get plenty of environmental and community/personal benefits. Besides maintaining the environment’s ecological balance, trees also clean and purify the air around your property, buffer traffic and other disturbing noise, prevent soil erosion and add value to the net worth of your house. Not to mention, they look wonderful and enhance the look of your home as well. 

However, trees also come with a lot of responsibilities regarding their care and management. It is not always easy and quick to maintain your trees on a daily basis. Oftentimes, newbie tree parents find it hard to take proper care of their trees, which results in dead or dying trees. That is not the only reason; people might want to get a tree(s) removed from their house for multiple reasons. 

And as much as planting and growing trees are important for the environment and its species, so is tree removal management. It is easy to plant a new tree, but removing an old one comes with many challenges and dangers. Let’s see what these are before we move on to why you should not do so on your own. 

Dangers of Tree Removal

When we talk about tree-related deaths, falling is one of the leading causes. If you try trimming branches before cutting a tree, you’re essentially putting your life at risk. Why? You will need to climb up and down a ladder with heavy trimming equipment, increasing the chances of a fall.

Besides this, tree trunks and branches also pose a risk during tree removal. You may get hit by dead and heavy loose branches as you cut the tree. These can fall on you or your property and cause a lot of damage. 

Such risk is much higher if you are trying to remove an already-dead tree. This is because you cannot tell how or in which direction the tree may fall. You should know that an unstable tree is highly unpredictable when it comes to feeling it. 

Therefore, trying to cut down and remove a tree on your own can be very dangerous. Not only can it cause serious damage to your property, but it also puts your life at risk. 

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Hire a Tree Removal Service

It is safe to involve yourself in a tree removal process if you have special training in doing so. Rather, you should hire an expert tree services proving company so as to not risk your property or your own well-being. Here are a few reasons you should hire a professional tree removal service to attend to your tree removal needs:

Don’t Risk Getting Hurt

If you’re still not convinced as to how dangerous it is to work with trees, especially tree removal, have a look at the tools. From pruning shears to sharp saws, tree equipment can result in serious injuries if you don’t hold them carefully and correctly. 

Moreover, there is the risk of falling off of a tall tree or an electric shock if your trees are near electrical lines. While it is easy for normal people to suffer from injuries while cutting down a tree, trained professionals can do so without any safety concerns. 

This is because they have the right equipment, training, and experience needed to perform the job. Not to mention, professionals know to make a tree fall in a specific direction. This guarantees that no one gets hurt when your tree is being removed. 

Avoid Property Damage

You can cause real damage to your house if you try to remove a tree on your own, especially if the tree is close to your home or utility lines, such as electrical wires. It is better to call in tree removal professionals to handle the tree that needs to go. Not only can they ensure little to no damage, but they can also deal with the stump after the tree removal so that you don’t have to deal with a damaged estate.

A falling tree can cause a lot of damage to you as well as the infrastructure around it. It is hard for an untrained person to predict how a tree would fall. As a result, you may end up damaging your property or hurting yourself. Tree service providers ensure that no aspect of your property is harmed during the tree removal process. 

Moreover, cutting down big and old trees can cause damage to the foundation of your house as their roots run deep in the soil. If not uprooted properly, damaged foundation and negatively affect the plumbing and sewerage system as well. Not to forget, this will cause a reduction in your house’s worth. 

Save Time and Money

The reason that many people would want to remove the unwanted tree on their own is to save money. After all, you will have to pay when you hire trained professionals for tree removal services. What they don’t realize is how expensive it can really be.

First off, you should not try to cut corners when it comes to removing trees. Doing so is quite risky as removing an entire tree from its spot can pose many dangers. Secondly, don’t forget that tree removal requires the right equipment that you may not have lying around anywhere in your house. So you will need to buy expensive tools to remove a tree from your yard or home garden. 

On the other hand, tree removal is a challenging and time-consuming task, especially if you do it alone. Not to mention, larger, heavier, and older trees can be even more stubborn. It is not only the cutting that takes a long time; previously-unknown issues may also show up when you’re removing a tree. Skilled professionals can perform tree removal much quicker as they know the techniques and strategies to avoid any problems. 


Trees are a great investment, but they can be extremely hard to maintain and take care of. It is especially a challenging task when you need to remove a tree from your space, not to mention the dangers and risks associated with it. Ideally, you should approach a tree services-providing company like Payne’s Environmental Services for tree removal. You can also give us a call at 813-677-6822.

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