6 Reasons Why You Need Tree Removal Services

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Commercial uses like paper making, timber production, and making room for new construction might push yard-owners to cut the trees. But when you don’t have a commercial reason to cut down a tree, why would you do so? Trees create shade, make your breeze lovely, and attract wildlife, but oftentimes, the trees turn old, suffer from disease, and start harming other trees. At this point, we require professional Hillsborough County FL tree removal services to cut them down. 

For most yard-owners, it is a most challenging task to let a tree go, but if we look at the long-term risks of keeping the tree, it seems like cutting them down is the best option. The longer you leave a decaying tree in your yard, the easier it gets for other trees to decay. Hence, you should remove the decaying tree as soon as possible. 

When you go for tree removal services, you need to give an official council a reason for tree removal. To not mention, drying or dropping leaves is not an applicable reason. Generally, homeowners are allowed to cut the trees within their private boundary if the tree is meeting council’s regulations. 

Here is a list of reasons that even a council allows tree removal, have a look:

1. No More Life

For every yard-owner, it is unfortunate to see a tree die, and once a tree dies, there is no other option left than to cut it off. Tree removal is essential here because a dead tree will later lose the strength to stand still. And then, it may fall under the extra weight even of snow or due to the force of the wind. Therefore, it is best to seek a professional tree removal expert to cut the tree before it falls down and causes damage to nearby cars, houses, or even people. Dead trees need to be removed immediately before any other loss or damage. 

2. Trapped in a Disease

One of the major causes of tree death is a disease caused by insects and pests. However, you don’t always have to cut down a tree when there is a disease. You need to see if pruning or topping it will help to save it. If the disease has spread all over the tree and you think there are no chances of survival, you should still contact a tree surgeon. Then, if he asks you to cut down the tree, then do it immediately, as leaving an infected tree can lead to thousands of other problems. 

3. Prone to Unavoidable Damage

Trees are beneficial yet prone to unavoidable damage caused by severe weather conditions, such as thunderstorms. These storms cause such damage to a tree that in some cases, it ends up dying. Not just that, they also get injured by lightning strikes, attacks from animals, and accidental contact. However, before you cut it down, assess the situation and determine that your plant doesn’t have a chance of survival. If that’s the case, then go ahead. But if there is even 10% chance of recovery, then try your level best to give it a chance. 

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4. Lost the Foundation 

Trees that have always been in a specific spot instead of being moved have adjusted to the location. But if you build new structures around the trees, the chances are that its roots lose their foundation and stop growing. This is a reason the tree starts dying, and once it dies, you can’t revive it. In this situation, you need to call a Hillsborough County FL tree removal professional. They’ll arrive at the property and use special equipment to cut down the decaying tree. 

5. Roots Growing Too Close

When the roots of a tree grow too close to a home’s foundation, they can leave cracks in the foundation, which puts the strength and integrity of your property at risk. Likewise, the trees that are close to the drainage system might cause blockages. But what is the reason behind blockage? When the tree’s roots pass into the drainage system, it causes blockages. Not only this, but when a tree’s branches grow too long and close to your home, the roof can also suffer from physical damage. 

6. Owns the Interior Decay 

Is your tree suffering from internal decay? Even if it is, it’s not possible for a layman to detect. It requires the skills and expertise of a tree surgeon to find out what is going on with your tree. If you fail to address internal decay in time, it can cause harm to nearby trees. Also, it leads to structural problems. You need to get help from a skilled professional. In Florida, you can find several tree surgeons at pocket-friendly rates. In severe cases, when you leave internal decay untreated, the chances are that the tree may fall or snap unexpectedly. 

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The above examples are extreme cases of when you need to remove a tree with the help of professionals, but there are some other unobvious reasons that may not seem as serious but still require tree removal. The unobvious reasons might include reducing the amount of shade in your yard, making extra space, and the list goes on. Whatever your need is, you can take the help of an expert who has professional experience in tree removal services. 

Hiring professional Hillsborough County FL tree removal services will help you cut the trees that are dead, diseased, or decaying at reasonable prices. Performing tree removal techniques is not everyone’s forte, but companies like Payne’s Environmental Services are experts at what they do to help you get the best results. To book your appointment, you can call us at 813-677-6822.

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