Reasons to Hire a Residential Tree Service

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Imagine waking up on a cold morning, waiting for the sunshine to come through your window, only to find the tree in your yard blocking all of it. There’s also an additional risk of weak trees falling at any time. You’ll have to provide constant care to keep your trees healthy. This means regular pruning, trimming, and cutting 

back branches when needed.

It’s important to remember that tree maintenance isn’t the same as trimming a few bushes. Doing it yourself can put you and your property at risk. And, to make matters worse, it won’t serve the purpose. To prevent this, you should hire a professional residential tree service to help your trees grow better. No matter how easy you think it is, it still requires a lot of professionalism and skill to manage nature. Here are some important reasons you should hire a residential tree service: 

You don’t Want your Yard to look Untidy

No one wants an untidy yard that needs trimming. Trees can sometimes grow to such an extent that they become an eyesore in your yard. Branches and leaves falling off can make your yard seem like a mess, and you certainly don’t want a guest seeing this when they visit. 

Trees also need care and proper attention. Just like humans, they need treatment for diseases to grow back stronger. Proper trimming and nourishment are necessary for healthy growth and effective function efficiently. Hence, you need a professional residential tree service provider to offer necessary trimming and pruning services. 

You don’t have the proper knowledge

As a layman, you’ll need to do hours of extensive research and experimentation to know what problem your tree is going through and how to treat it. Trees face many kinds of issues. For example, some just need trimming and pruning, others have falling branches, or they’re getting in the way of electrical cables or construction. 

Given all the reasons, it’s likely that you won’t be able to find a solution to all the problems your trees face. So, instead of working on them by yourself, which increases the risk of harming them further, it is always better to get professional help from experts who know what to do. 

You don’t have the equipment and skills

Unless you or someone from your household works for a professional tree service, you likely don’t have heavy equipment in your garage. Sure, you might have a ladder, chainsaw, and some rope, but you’re still missing out on crucial safety equipment, such as a harness for your safety, a crane to shift the dead tree, gloves, and a hard hat.

For this reason, hiring a professional residential tree service is the right option. They have all the necessary equipment, skills, and training to use them. If a tree is too big, you can’t cut it using a ladder. So, leaving it to a professional is the right thing to do. 

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You don’t want to risk your life

It’s common for a tree’s branches to grow out and come into contact with electrical cables. When such a situation occurs, it is best to avoid cutting the branches by yourself. Removing branches or trimming them when they’re at such a place can cause a power outage in the area. Or, you can risk getting an electrical shock, which can be fatal. 

Paying a little more to hire a residential tree service is far better than risking your life or causing harm to your property.  

You don’t want to Harm your Property

Residential tree service providers have professionals who ensure that your property and yard remain unaffected. Cutting down a big tree at once can cause a lot of damage to your yard. Similarly, trimming down heavy branches can lead to them falling on your property, car, or cables. 

Professionals know how to cut the tree in safe intervals. This will protect your property, vehicle, or network cables from damage. Surely, no one wants to risk harm to their property or vehicle and face an inconvenience afterward. 

You don’t want a Mess after Cutting a Tree

If you cut down your tree or the branches by yourself, it will take a few days to get rid of the stump and the fallen branches. You might be so tired from the whole process that it may not occur to you that clean-up is also essential. 

However, this isn’t the case when you hire a residential tree service. Once they cut the tree, they remove the stump using advanced equipment. They’ll also get rid of any debris and mess from the tree servicing process. Because they work professionally, you don’t have to worry about maintaining your tree.


Residential tree service is not an easy task in any terms. It can harm your trees, yourself, your family, and your property without professional care. So, it is better to hire a residential tree service for an effective process.

If you’re looking for a residential tree service to provide the best care to your trees, contact us at Payne’s Environmental Tree Services. We strive to provide the best tree services so that you can sit back and relax as we give your yard a whole new look.

We hope this guide will help you understand why you should hire a professional residential tree service. 

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